Web hosting is a classification of internet hosting services that gives network services for every individuals and numerous firm to have its own websites to stay connected with the world through World Wide Web. It is additional divided into three primarily types, such as dedicated web hosting, virtual web hosting and clustered web hosting. Clustered web hosting is a sort of web hosting which spreads the load above nodes, provides result in decreasing the chances of one’s service & increases availability. Virtual web hosting is otherwise called as shared hosting.

Dedicated web hosting is most generally used web hosting type among all the three 1st types as it found to be additional worthwhile to the users. It has an other name, called managed web hosting.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting:

. Than virtual (or) shared, clustered web hosting gives many flexibility or control above your web server. The finest flexibility is deserved by the user of the dedicated web hosting server.

. Dedicated web hosting services offered by the corporation will not stock their websites among various clients.

. Since it is not a shared server, even the customer having virtual web hosting server aren’t able to stock the hard drive, processor or bandwidth as well as its application.


. Dedicated web hosting is superior to virtual web hosting server, it can’t access to the control over dedicated web hosting server configuration.

. It offers safety by allowing simply the particular customer who utilizes the dedicated web hosting server to have the complete server control for their administrative purpose.

. The specialty of their web hosting is that, the user of this web hosting owns the server and they themselves are web hosting customers, so which have a complete cover above hardware management

. Dedicated web hosting server provides an option to the user to perform his own upgrades and install their own software.

. As you are the simply customer using this server, you don’t have to stock the resources like hard drive &bandwidth; applications, which offers you extra room, more efficient plus speed of processing your database, email and also website application.

. When the advanced organization aided with the needs of custom engineering & design and a number of space to store it, dedicated web hosting is the right choice, since the clustered web hosting is rarely used.

. It is the finest option for you to choose dedicated web hosting server for your websites which gives download compatibilities for customer because of its less bandwidth limits compared with one other two web hostings.

. If your business website contains multiple website then custom applications, increased web hosting room &speed; is needed, that is provided by dedicated web hosting.

Disadvantages of dedicated web hosting:

. It’s costlier compared to the virtual web hosting

. It’s perfect for most internet based corporation, nevertheless it isn’t advisable for business which is advanced & requires custom engineering & design utilizing other web hosting server, called clustered hosting server.

. If an user is initiator in internet based corporation, virtual web hosting is price beneficial and sufficient, so dedicated web hosting is only a finest option, until the user makes progress in his firm level and switches his organization of making use of multiple websites.

. For long term internet corporation plans, upgrade of dedicated web hosting is needed in future with respect to in accordance with rate.

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